Tuesday, November 24, 2009


As Thanksgiving is fastly approaching, I am thankful for so much. Things that I don't give thanks for on a daily basis. First, I am thankful for my sweet sweet husband! He has always been sweet...but through the first part of the pregnancy...he's been the BEST. Caring for me when I feel sick, rubbing my back, fixing my dinner, sending me flowers/cards, cleaning the house, doing laundry...I could go on and on! I am also thankful for my wonderful family! They are the best! Thankful for the gift of a child! Oh how sweet this gift is! I am thankful I have a job. I complain about it a lot but I truly am thankful for it. Thankful for my church and our wonderful pastor and his wife. They are truly a blessing to us! Thankful for my sweet freinds that I have made here in Thomson. I thought I'd never have friends here...but the Lord has blessed me with some great ones! And SO thankful for my old friends. Although I dont get the time I used to with them...they still hold a very special place in my heart!
Most of all, I am thankful for my God! He is SO good to me and brings ALL the blessings I could ever ask for! He has send the greatest blessing of Jesus...who I am FOREVER thankful for!
I hope everyone will take time to reflect what they are truly thankful for this year. Let's not take the Lord's blessings for granted!

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