Thursday, December 18, 2008

My first race!!!

So, this was my first race! It was a 5K in Thomson and I had only started training a good 5 days before lol. I have been so busy with school and sports I never had time to run when I got home. I've decided to pick it back up and this was to kick it off! I normally run in the gym on the treadmill because it has been SO cold! Unfortunatley the race time was 9am and it was about 32 degrees. FREEZING! Why did I wear shorts again?

Me, Chris and Ben

Walley (Chris' dad), Chris and Ben

OK....funny story about Walley in this race last year. He signed up (not the most athletic man) and said that he would do it with Chris and walk it. Well...It took him like an hour to do 3.1 miles and he came in dead last...even a woman pushing a stroller beat him!! HA! But he was a trooper and signed up again this year to try to beat his time...and other people!

I had this shirt made for Chris last Christmas. When he started doing races he said that he wanted to race for his Papa that passed away August of last year. So, the front says for Papa and the back has "God bless the little man" (from a song) and his birth and death date.
THERE'S CHRIS!!! He won 1st in his age group and 3rd over all. His time was 18:24...Flying!

Me?..... not so much! I was doing good until coming up on the last mile and everything was numb! But my sweet husband came to my rescue and ran back to find me and ran the last little bit with me!
Matt (kid on Chris' team), Me, Chris, and Ben
Turns out I did better than I thought I would do! I got 2nd in my age group! How many were in my age group?....none of your business!!