Friday, March 20, 2009

I haven't posted anything in a while...mainly because I have been SO busy! and since I've been so busy this post may be a long one!

I took the Sr. High youth on a retreat 2 weeks ago. We had a BLAST...However, I have been exhausted ever since. My house is a wreck, piles of laundry to do, trying to run every day, etc. Lately I've just been trying to keep my head above water! This past week we had the missions conference at church. It was really good but really tiring because it was 5 days straight! The speaker, Bill Harding, was great to challenge us as a church to have a wider vision of our town and the world. I mean, I have been taught that...through Campus Outreach we were constantly around the lost and ministering to them or praying for people around the world to know the Lord. And I think I have lost sight of that. Bill was telling a story about when he lived in Ethiopia and said something about people living in a hut. I could not help but to cry. I have in my mind that my world is work, Chris, and Church or whatever else that is here....and there are people across the world living in HUTS!!! WOW! It really opened my eyes again to the bigger picture of the world and all the people that do not know that sweet name of Jesus! I have begun to pray more for the missionaries overseas and to pray for the people of Brazil, who are so near and dear to my heart!

One quote that Bill said was that we should not be fearful in failure, but instead, be fearful of success in the things that have no purpose. I hope that is what I can learn to be fearful of....winning games has no purpose, practicing harder to win has no purpose, spending more time in the weight room to win has no purpose....but the time that I invest into those girls with the love of Jesus does! That's what I have to remember.

This weekend, Chris and I have to take the Jr High kids on a retreat....translation....more laundry, house even more messy, and being even more tired. But, I know that there are some kids going that really need love and, I'll put on my big girl pants and do it!

ITS OFFICIAL!!! I have just been named HEAD COACH Varsity basketball team!!!! The school board voted on it and its now official!

And last but not least...I want to give a big shout out to my friend Catherine! I have enjoyed getting to know you more and more over the last couple months and I absolutely adore your kids! Thanks for being such a sweet friend!!